Welcome to Satori Yoga in Sheffield

Satori… a Japanese Buddhist concept that translates as “a moment of enlightenment”. It refers to a glimpse of finding true peace and happiness. Those moments when you catch yourself feeling happy, peaceful and fulfilled.

Satori Yoga based in Sheffield has this at its fundamental base.

We teach Hatha Yoga, a style that combines movement, breath and relaxation. The style allows for great flexibility so classes can be anything from fun and creative, to relaxation focused, or a really good workout; depending on the needs of the students.

Sessions include Asana’s: Yoga poses and sequences, Pranayama: Breathing techniques and always relaxation time.

Mums bumps and baby Relaxation Day

Thurs 25th April AND Mon 27th May. Read more

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One of the most relaxed yet professional classes that I have attended

- Mary Lines